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Thanks for checking out Truss-Johnson’s Training! if you don’t know already, we are a two person fitness (Courtney Truss/Tyler Johnson) & training company. We do all sorts of training activities including: group exercise classes, athlete development, fitness events, and more. We also create and sell workout programs, do customized workout programs and offer nutrition guides/assistance.

We started Truss-Johnson’s Training in February of 2019. It was at a point where we realized we just weren’t super happy with what we were doing. We we’re somewhat “over” working your typical “9-5” 40-hour work week. We had so many different dreams, ideas and aspirations to fuel our passion for training and coaching. And not only for business, but for life.

We also needed a change of scenery, as we’ve wanted to move out of Michigan for awhile.

So, in July of 2019, we packed up our car (and cat) and hit the road towards Colorado Springs. The mountains basically have our hearts, we love them.

Thankfully, once we got there we had a good friend, Marty Lewis, to stay with for a few days. Marty has helped us with our business, and we have many future plans to link up with business ventures! Including a PTSD/veteran event in the near future!

Since we’ve been settled in a bit, we finally understand how good it feels to change and challenge yourself. We’ve had great moments, bad moments, and everything in-between. But that has made us stronger! And we can’t wait to help

make Colorado Springs stronger day by day!

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