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Finding Time to Breathe

Meditation is one of the oldest methods of practicing self-awareness and mindfulness. Many think it’s hard to learn, but actually learning the basics is pretty simple and rewarding.

Start with this: find a comfortable position, preferably on the floor. I like to cross my legs, but you don’t have to. Start by keeping your eyes open and taking a few deep breaths... inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. After a few breath cycles, close your eyes and repeat the same procedure.

After a few minutes (or however long you‘re comfortable with), take your focus away from breathing and focus on just “existing.” Let your thoughts, and the noises around you flow in and out. After a moment of doing this, take a few more deep breath cycles.

Then, open your eyes and really take notice of how you feel. Observe this feeling each time you meditate. After some practice, you will most likely start to feel more calm and connected to yourself.

Meditation can be simple. I suggest starting with a procedure similar to the one above. You can always get more comfortable with other meditation practices and styles 😊

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